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How to Plan the Best Valentine’s Day with Jinja Bar & Bistro

While we can’t help you with your plans before or after you arrive at our restaurant, we can help you make your dinner plans incredibly romantic.

First, order a Volcano Bowl to share. With two straws, it’ll look like something out of a romance movie — but, with a tasty Volcano Bowl. If a Volcano
Bowl isn’t something that intrigues you and your loved one, we have an
expansive menu of premier cocktails. From margaritas to mojitos,
there’s a drink for everyone at our bar.

Now it’s time to decide on an appetizer. If you want to stick with a classic date appetizer, go with the Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls. To spice things up, we recommend the Spicy Sriracha Shrimp or Spice Crusted Sashimi Tuna. No matter what appetizer you and your date choose, you’re in for a tasty treat.

On to the main course! For a spicy Valentine’s Day try
ordering one (or more) of these entrees:db02e922-7e0b-4121-9708-f042d42f90c3

Pad Thai — A classic Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp and egg tossed in tamarind lime chile sauce topped with green onion, bean sprouts, cilantro and fresh lime.


Kung Pao Chicken — Tender slices of chicken, red and green bell peppers, Thai basil, kaffir lime leaf and cashews in a spicy chili sauce.


Heavenly Beef — Skewers of grilled beef tenderloin, red onion and red and green bell pepper with onion garlic dipping sauce small

Of course, Jinja Bar & Bistro has plenty of non-spicy entrees as well. Oh, and don’t forget to order a decadent dessert or cocktail to close out the night. Plus, whatever you order, you can relax knowing that our team of waiters, chefs, and servers are here to make your Valentine’s Day experience a memorable one.


Doug Lanham • March 1, 2017

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