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Warm Up this Fall at Jinja Bar and Bistro

Ready or not, the fall season is here. The temperatures are slowly but surely getting cooler, the air begins to have a crisp edge to it, and before we know it, we’ll all be immersed in autumn. Between the abundance of pumpkin spice lattes and cute flannel fashion trends, there’s no escaping the fall weather.

We get it — not everyone loves the colder weather or time of year. While New Mexico isn’t as chilly as, say, Maine, we still get our share of frigid temperatures.

Luckily, you can stay warm year round when you dine at Jinja Bar and Bistro. Instead of fighting with the chilly weather, stop by one of our 3 locations for a big bowl of warm and tasty soup.

There’s nothing better than beating the cold weather with one of our amazing soups. We offer three different kinds of soup plus the occasional special! Customers can choose from:

  • Malay Coconut Soup — Gluten Free. House made Tom Yum, coconut milk, shrimp, udon noodles, carrots, green onions and bean sprouts.
  • Chicken Soup — Homemade chicken broth with chicken, udon noodles, carrots,
  • bean sprouts, green onions and fried shallots.
  • Miso Soup — Gluten Free. A favorite blend of low sodium and white miso
  • with seaweed and organic tofu.




These soups are sure to warm up your autumn season.

Plus, did you know that we offer gluten free noodles? Everyone can cozy on up to one of our soups or delicious entrees by substituting gluten free noodles. We want all of our amazing customers to enjoy the fall season and our scrumptious entrees, regardless of ingredient restrictions.

Don’t Tolerate the Cold. Warm Up with Jinja!

Our soups and spicy menu are here all year long to keep you warm and fighting the fall (and soon to be winter) weather. Stop by one of our locations today to find your new favorite soup, entrée, or cocktail for the autumn season!






Doug Lanham • September 26, 2016

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